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I can shake off everything

as I write:

my sorrows disappear,

my courage is reborn.

– Anne Frank


With Love

“I purchased an additional set of these as we expanded the number of people we invited to our Christmas party. Again everyone loved the cards. Great colors, high quality.”

– Barbara

“Lovely cards! Very impressed with the detail on them. There was a bit of a mix up with my order but the seller quickly corrected it and made it right. Great experience!”

– hismom1

“such sweet little stars with all their gold trimmed beauty. They will be a wonderful holiday decoration.”

– Jon

“I love patterns and color, these check all my boxes. Very pretty, fun and great quality. I also received them very quickly.”

– Edith Camp

“Absolutely beautiful handmade cards just arrived! The detail and craftsmanship is remarkable. Love the elephants!”

– mrsbrat

“Gorgeous design and beautiful cause. The handemade Kagzi technique is one that I hope will be around for a long time. Thank you BombayPaper for helping preserve these beautiful art form – I will definitely be purchasing again!”

– Sanaa Himani

“Shaheen went above and beyond to deliver me Bombay Paper Co’s beautiful greeting cards. I feel an extra bit of love in these cards that I now get to share with my loved ones. Great service and lovely product”

– Unknown

“The cards are exquisite – they took my breath away!

The colours are gorgeous and the inks used make these cards second to none!

These will always be my “go-to” cards to send to people as they are truly the most beautiful cards on the

market, both the extraordinary colours and exceptional designs!

Brilliant purchase! My very best card purchase ever! Love them, love them. Thank you, Bombay Paper!”

– Megan Duke



The Kagzi (derived from the word Kagaz which means paper) is a traditional method of combining different materials like wildflowers, leaves, silk threads, paper tree bark, jute, grass, and straw. This result being unique textures, uncommon colours, and paper that is natural to the touch.



Artisanal handmade papermaking techniques dating back to 3rd century B.C. Vintage designs from Indian art and history of flora and fauna.



10% of our profits go towards focused education initiatives to expand choices for the lives of girls. The power of the spoken, written and read word is the foundation of knowledge and its a birthright.

Vintage Design Stationery. Write Your Heart Out.

The written word has always called to my heart. So it was only natural that beautiful paper was a steadfast companion throughout my life. A traveling seeker since my childhood, I fell in love in India and fell in love with India. The world opened up to a riot of colour and centuries-old artistic traditions.

These blank cards are made from materials found in nature; flowers, jute and silk thread. In our responsibility towards Mother Earth, cotton t-shirts are often broken down to produce the paper pulp that begins another life in your greeting cards.

This venture isn’t just about beautiful things. It’s about being a positive force for good in this world. It is about setting children on a course of life that I was afforded based on geography. 10% of your purchase funds education initiatives in Mumbai.

My Story

My love affair with India began as a child with Indian parents who emigrated to a small town in Canada in the 60’s. My mother’s velvet curtain hair that skimmed her waist fascinated passersby. She draped herself in silk sarees in jewel tones and intricate golden embroidery.

I wore glass bangles that clinked as I ran in attire not meant for speed but freedom was always whispering in my ears.

Those childhood images are emblazoned in my heart.

Fast forward to grownup-hood where my passport stamps have collected globally but love brought me there for 6 incredible India years.

A month did not pass without a trip to South Mumbai to my favourite area, as I affectionately termed it, paper mecca. A place where colour, heritage traditions, and artistry wove magical paper artifacts. A favourite gift to friends, I decided years after moving back to the city,

to bring these delights for you to enjoy.