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My love affair with India began as a child with Indian parents who emigrated to a small town in Canada in the 60’s. My mother’s velvet curtain hair that skimmed her waist fascinated passersby. She draped herself in silk sarees in jewel tones and intricate golden embroidery.
I wore glass bangles that clinked as I ran in attire not meant for speed but freedom was always whispering in my ears.

Those childhood images are emblazoned in my heart.

Fast forward to grownup-hood where my passport stamps have collected globally but love brought me there for 6 incredible India years.

A month did not pass without a trip to South Mumbai to my favourite area, as I affectionately termed it, paper mecca. A place where colour, heritage traditions, and artistry wove magical paper artifacts. A favourite gift to friends, I decided years after moving back to the city,
to bring these delights for you to enjoy.